RFID Systems

Design & Development
Disign Consultants has developed a number of Active and Passive RFID solutions working across the frequency range of 125KHz - 2.4GHz.

The market is yet to formalise the frequency of operation for RFID tags, often inventory is tagged with devices that operate at one frequency, however as they move thought the supply chain, they are expected to operate at another. Disign Consultants can develop and deliver frequency agile RFID transceivers.

Antenna Development

ServicesMulti band operation

ServicesHighly matched antennas

ServicesMinature antennas

ServicesEmbedded Antennas for products requiring close proximity reading


Services13.56MHz passive & active tags

ServicesUHF tags

Services125KHz passive tags


ServicesFrequency Agile Readers

ServicesMiniature embedded readers

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