Bespoke Software Development

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Whether it be a complete web based clinical system, windows application or an embedded application, Disign Consultants can provide software development services tailored to your needs.

Validated Software Systems

Medical devices / systems require strict validation in accordance to the regulatory standards imposed in the country of sale. Disign Consultants has a strict software quality development life-cycle model that ensures that software is developed, documented, verified and validated in accordance to US FDA CFR requirements and European CE requirements.

Embedded Software Systems

Developing state of the art embedded systems using industry leading processors, if your requirements are low power, high throughput, multi tasking or simple systems, Disign Consultants can develop the an appropriate solution for you.

Windows Applications

Often a bespoke windows application is required as the main interface to a piece of equipment or as a test tool. Disign Consultants can specify, generate user interfaces and develop the software application. Programs are usually witten in C++ or Borland Delphi.

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