Mode 3 Electric Vehicle Charging Post Development

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Disignconsultants Designs and develops the UKs first commercially available Mode 3 electric Vehicle charging systems for the UK premier supplier of Charging Posts

By providing a compact post or self contained wall mounted unit with two Mennekes self locking sockets that charge a car at over twice the speed of conventional 13amp chargers the Mode 3 charger, 32amp/7kW, is a quicker technology to charge a car.

Disigncconsutlants has worked directly with major motor manufacturers to
ensure that the technology meets with their stringent safety and performance criteria.

Key Technology Elements

DCARM9 Processor subsystem

DCLinux Operating System

DCGSM / GPRS data communications

DC4.3" TFT LCD Screen

DCRS232 / RS485 communications

DCMode 3 Vehicle Charging Management System

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